With our experience in the safe and efficient operation of business aircraft, we will help determine the best operational structure for your aircraft, working with your tax, financial, and business advisors.

We negotiate and complete operational structures to allow maximum efficient use of the aircraft and help to ensure your aircraft is an asset and an effective tool to enhance your business, while still available for personal use if desired, documenting the best operational control structure for Part 91, Part 135 or hybrid us.


Frequently used purchase and sale structures are:

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Aircraft Lease Agreements

Aircraft lease agreements, when properly structured and documented, ensure proper operational control of an aircraft, in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations. With a wide variety of aircraft lease agreements and arrangements available, Air Law Office, P.A. works with the aircraft owner and lessee to structure the lease arrangement to maximize meeting each party’s needs, overall practicality, cash flow, flexibility and compliance.

Aircraft Operating Agreements

Much like aircraft lease agreements, when properly structured and documented, aircraft operating agreements ensure proper operational control of an aircraft, in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, aircraft operating agreements typically have no financial component and are used between related individuals and/or entities. Air Law Office, P.A. works with the aircraft owner to structure the operational control of the aircraft to maximize needs, practicality, and compliance.

Time Share Agreements

Time sharing uniquely allows an aircraft owner to provide both the aircraft and flight crew to a third party in exchange for very specific reimbursement, as defined by the Federal Aviation Regulations. Time share agreements are often strictly scrutinized and Air Law Office, P.A. prepares the proper agreements to allow for the operation of an aircraft under a time share arrangement in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Aircraft Charter

Many aircraft owners wish to off-set the on-going aircraft ownership costs. Charter operators provide services, and often income, in exchange for the use of your aircraft. Outsourcing your maintenance oversight, insurance, flight crew employment, permitting and other operational obligations allows many owners the ability to own their desired aircraft that is available when needed, but does not require the creation and employment of an in-house flight department. Air Law Office, P.A. negotiates agreements between aircraft owners and charter operators to maximize safety, security and convenience for the owner, while obtaining on-going operational support from charter operators.

Interchange Agreements

Aircraft owners may wish to lease their airplane to a third-party aircraft owner in exchange for equal time in the other aircraft. The arrangement for equal time is convenient for two or more entities, each of which own an aircraft, to swap aircraft as needed to meet transport requirements. Interchange Agreements are very narrowly drawn and strictly enforced. Air Law Office, P.A. will ensure regulatory compliance is met, while allowing maximum flexibility for the aircraft owners.